We came to Crossway looking for a church where we could worship God and grow in faith and knowledge of the gospel. We found all this and much more, a friendly and welcoming church family, all with one purpose, to share the love of Jesus.

— Brian and Dora

"Crossway church is a warm, family-friendly missional community that serves people of many different backgrounds. We are so thankful and happy to be part of a beautiful, healthy church filled with energy and under the presence of God."

- Cheongil Seo & Heasook Jun

It means such a lot. It is all my friends. Through even the hardest times of losing people the church has been there for me. I would be lost without them, and can always talk to people here. I am so grateful for my church family.

— Margery

Crossway is such a relaxed and welcoming place. It doesn't matter what your background or situation you will be welcomed by people who respect and value you for who you are!

— Anna

I found Crossway at a very critical point in my life - I was newly married and navigating life in a new country. I was drawn in by the genuine warmth and welcoming nature of the people and the sound sermons preached. At Crossway I have found friends and people who accept you for who you are while being willing to help you become the best of who God wants you to be!

- Onyi

Crossway is very important to me and my family. The love and friendship we have all found there has helped us settle into Northfield, and keep Jesus at the centre of our lives.

— Sarah