Grace: saving and sending

A one off talk from guest speaker Neil Powell on Jonah 3


  • Part 1: The graces that saves is the grace that sends - Jonah 3

    Jonah 3:1-10 – Neil Powell

    Jonah 3:4-10 – God of all grace. City Church, 22nd February 2015

    1. The Compassion Question: Do we care that people are dying without faith in Jesus Christ?

    Before we can hope to be "good news tellers," we have to be formed by the good news into compassionate and loving

    people. If we believe that people without Jesus are just as we were - lost in this world and in the next – then compassion
    will renew our commitment to evangelism.

    Key thought: We share not because we have to but because we want to. God's compassion is now our compassion.
    Action: Make it a habit to remember that, like Jonah, we have been shown extraordinary compassion by God in Christ.

    2. The Culture Question: Do we understand why people reject the gospel?

    Do you know what the most common objections people give to the Christian faith? Can you put your finger on the trends
    in our culture that make it difficult for people to believe? Are you willing to listen well and help people with their questions
    and objections by learning some good answers for yourself.

    Key thought: You have to know your culture and listen to people to know how to relate the gospel to them.
    Action: Make time to read good defences of the Christian faith.

    3. The Content Question: Do we know what the good news is that we're sharing?

    We won't be effective tellers of good news unless we're clear on what the good news is. How do we present the gospel in
    a way that is faithful to Scripture?

    Key thought: We have to know the evangel they are proclaiming.

    Action: Learn a gospel outline that will enable you to clearly explain the gospel if someone asked you to.

    4. The Confidence Question: Do we believe that God really saves sinners?

    The way to counteract feelings of inadequacy in evangelism is not by thinking more of your abilities, but in growing in your
    confidence that God is a God who delights to save! People who share their faith, trust that God can use them – weak and
    inadequate as they feel. The power is in the gospel, not us.

    Key thought: Confidence in the power of the gospel is what motivates us to share it.
    Action: Be bold, be ready, just do it! The results don't depend on your ability.

    5. The Commitment Question: Do we believe God has given us the responsibility of evangelism?

    Do you believe God has given this responsibility to you? Personally to you? Not that you have the responsibility t share
    Christ with every human being on the planet but at the very least to your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and all
    who ask you 'to give the reason for the hope you have' c.f. 1 Pet. 3:15.

    Key thought: We won't share the gospel unless we understand the privilege and necessity of evangelism.
    Action: Look for opportunity, pray for opportunity, be faithful with opportunities.

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