Praying for Ukraine

As a church , it has been difficult for us to watch on over the last 6 weeks at the events that have been unfolding in Ukraine. For some, the difficulty lies in knowing those on the ground, and worrying for the safety of loved ones, wishing we could be there to do more. For others, it is simply difficult to watch innocent people suffer, knowing it is only by God’s grace that we live in country of peace. Despite this however, there are always ways we can help, and below we have outlined a few of them.

1. Pray

In groups, in gatherings, and by yourself, are you speaking to God about this?

Here are some of the things you can be bringing to God during this difficult time.

  • Pray for peace - for the war to cease
  • Pray for peacemakers - for those negotiating and seeking a settlementPray for politicians - for true wisdom from heaven to President Zelensky, President Putin and their advisors
  • Pray for refugees - for all fleeing, as Joseph, Mary and Jesus did, the threat of death & terror
  • Pray for those staying - for protection, for God's strength, for hope. Many Pastors and their congregations are working tirelessly to feed people, move them to safer areas, and house refugees as they move West.
  • Pray for the Church in Ukraine - for strength to the 70% of Ukranians who call themselves Christians. Many evangelical churches have become important sources of help for many communities where they were looked down upon and discriminated against before.
  • Pray for their faithful witness as communities see their love for God and faith in him in such difficult times.
  • Pray for Russia - for God loves the people of Russia, many who watch on in horror
  • Pray for churches in bordering nations.
  • Pray for organisations working to find host families as they seek to settle families in the UK.
  • Pray for the families at Crossway and other local churches who are in the process of receiving Ukrainian families into their homes.

The war in Ukraine has also highlighted a problem we see more broadly. One of our members Deb Daniel has written an article on Racism, and how we can pray in relation to Ukraine. You can read her article HERE:

2. Give

There are huge needs on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding nations, as millions and millions flee their homes. Could you give some of your money away to meet some of the needs?There are many good causes but if you wish to give to the organisation through which our members are welcoming Ukrainian families, please give to this link. This money is going towards things such as transport for individuals coming to the UK, to the Pastors on the ground that the organisation is partnered with to help provide food, clothes and shelter for the refugees fleeing west and local communites in need.

‘Every Starfish Matters’ was set up with the aim of helping as many Ukrainians as possible in this difficult time. It is based on the illustration that you can see to the left. Donate to ‘Every Starfish Matters’ HERE

3. Host

UK citizens have the wonderful opportunity of welcoming refugees into their home at this time.We know not everyone can do this, but we urge any who can to really consider it. If you're open to thinking about it - no 100% commitment at this stage is needed -please please express an interest using THIS FORM, or speak to on of our families who is in the process of welcoming a family. There are a number of families and individuals at Crossway church and other local churches in the area that are in the process of receiving Ukrainian families.

Although we understand it is not possible for everyone to host a family, the host families will need help with things such as lifts and help with errands upon their arrival. If you wish to be added to a group where you can choose to help in this practical way, please speak to Charis, or text her on this number 07769631805.

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

This verse is so relevant at this time for the church. We do not know these people, and yet Jesus has told us to clothe them, feed them, give them water and give them shelter. What we do for these people we do for Christ, and what an opportunity it is to stand up as a church and show our love for these people, in the strength and hope that Christ already has the victory over all that is going on.