CORIV-19 prayer update

  • Please pray for all frontline staff - NHS workers, police, firefighters, shop workers, social care workers and teachers. Please pray that God will strengthen them and keep them safe as they work tirelessly to try to protect and treat our community.
  • Please pray for the frontline NHS mental health staff supporting people from their own home under lockdown using remote working. Much respect to the NHS, rather than seeing the mental health system collapse, they told all the mental health staff doing talking stuff that can be done over the phone to just stay at home and provide support over the phone, which they are doing. Please pray they continue their good work, and can sustain the system under the strain and isolation. Please remember the really not obvious frontline staff in your prayers and do pray for them!
  • Please pray for the community stakeholders meetings as they seek to try to support the most vulnerable in Northfield and try to ensure no one is missed. Please pray for workers to deliver leaflets to ensure the community are aware of their support.
  • Please pray for the children of Northfield who are leaving their only place of safety - their schools - and are now at risk of harm, domestic abuse, or lack of food. Please also pray for the support workers and social workers who will continue to try to protect them.
  • Thank God that this crisis is bringing our community together and that it is giving us opportunities to show our love for people and serve each other. Pray that we will see this as an encouragement and an opportunity to share God's love with our neighbours.