John James

John is the pastor of Crossway. He is married to Sarah and they have three children. Growing up in Scarborough, John first discovered the loving rescue of Jesus in a personal way at the age of 17 at the baptist church in town. By his grace, God has been growing him and changing him ever since.

He came to Birmingham as the age of 18, and apart from a couple of years training at bible college, has been here ever since! He loves this city, and longs to see Jesus increasingly known here, in this wonderful community.

Phil Swinburn

Phil is the assistant Pastor of Crossway. He is married to Laura and they a daughter called Emilia and a dog called Brodie. Phil first gave his life to Jesus as a teenager while on a summer camp, and first heard God's call to ministry at the end of his time at university. Having seen Jesus bring salvation and change in his own life, he loves to share the good news with people in Northfield.

Phil enjoys rugby, fishing, walking and DIY.

Matt Cook

Matt is a Elder at Crossway. He has been part of the church since 2011. He and his wife, Hannah, are parents to two energetic boys. Matt loves to spend his time teaching children about Jesus.

At work he's part of Birmingham City Mission's Children's Team and at church he heads up Funky Friday (Crossway's Friday night club for children in school years 1 to 6). In any spare time, Matt loves to run, run and run some more!

Jonggun Lee

Jonggun Lee is on the staff team at Crossway. He is married to Younmi and they have two children called Tena and Gina. He was ordained in 1997 in South Korea. Jonggun has been at Crossway for 2 years.

He is serving the Korean group, and is stimulated by social work and international volunteering. He enjoys playing golf, driving, and DIY.

Pete Ambridge

Pete and Claire have been at Crossway since 2010 and love living in Northfield. They lead the Sunday school and Pete is also on the church leadership team as an Elder. While Claire is a full-time mum to their three children, Pete works as a graphic designer in a small software business.

John Perham

John, one of the Elders, has been married to Liz for over forty five years and has been a member of Crossway for even longer - since being a student. He is really excited to see the changes occuring in recent years as more people come along and join the ‘family’ that we are, and as more children make their voices heard. It’s great being part of friendships across different cultures and age groups."