We Are Independent

Our church is led by a team of elders. Our pastor is one of the elders. We are congregational, in that our elders are accountable to the members of the congregation, ordinarily through the quarterly members meetings, where key decisions are made together. Although we are an independent church, we are not an isolated church, and express wider church unity by belonging to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. By belonging to the FIEC we also support their statements on Gospel Unity, Women in Ministry, and Same Sex Marriage.

We Practice Believers Baptism

We believe that baptism is a sign of the new life we have in Christ, received through profession of faith in Jesus. So we baptise people on the basis of their profession of faith, by full immersion.

We Are Complementarian

We rejoice in and firmly believe in women’s ministry, and are committed to actively supporting such ministry within the church. We also believe that as the church reflects the dynamic of a family, the spiritual headship and oversight of the church family should be undertaken by godly men who have been set apart by the congregation to serve as elders. Within the context of male eldership we want to encourage the flourishing of women using their gifts wherever possible, including leading ministry teams, teaching, and other areas of service.

We are Continuationist

We believe that the gifts of the Spirit are gifts for today, and seek to use them in accordance with the word of God. If you are unsure about where we sit on the charismatic spectrum come along for a few weeks and you will get a feel for what a normal gathering looks like.